Characteristics: Rottweiler


His size and his courage owes the Rottweiler its relationship to the molosses, a widespread breed of antiquity, which was used as an escort for cattle and for hunting wild animals. Even Alexander the Great took the ancestors of the Rottweiler with his military campaigns. When the Romans the old Germania populated, they also took their rugged cattle dogs that were bred by farmers and butchers from the region of Rottweil for their own purposes, with. So the Rottweiler came already in the Middle Ages to its name. Because of its imposing exterior of the Rottweiler was allowed to wear even the purses of his men around the neck. Who would dare even to rob a butcher's dog? By train and the ban on cattle drive of Rottweiler his ancestral task was robbed. At the beginning of the 20th century, however, we remembered again its distinctive characteristics. The endurance, strength, willingness to work and intelligence of the Rottweiler made ​​him an ideal candidate for the police and military service. Thus from the former Cattle Dog a mutually-recognized service dog who shows no negative anomalies in expert training.


Family, companion, service and working dog, which is often used because of its stocky shape as a watchdog.


Shoulder height to 68cm


42-60 Kg


Medium-length, coarse, dense, tightly lying topcoat with undercoat


Black with tan markings

Requirement for attitude:

Rottweiler should be brought up by experienced dog owners. In some states, such as Bavaria keeping rottweilers is allowed only after passing the character test.


The genetic vulnerabilities with Rottweilers include hip and elbow dysplasia. On the basis of special studies and x-rays can be the HD load the dog determine. This classification is mandatory for acceptance for breeding of Rottweilers. In very rare cases it can lead to Leukoenzephalomyelopathie, which leads to progressive paralysis in young animals

Life expectancy:

8 to 10 years


Rottweilers are spirited, fearless, tough and eager to work

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