Our first Rottweiler what we got in 2010, should be actually held as a family dog, but after some time had evolved differently.

So I had then decided Rottweiler Kennel Iron Dragon to reasons to the end of 2011.

We breed them from the point of view out to show that this does not have to be aggressive.

From my breeding are beautiful and drove strong Rottweiler originated which prove itself in Germany and abroad.

Our animals are all living with us and our children in the house and enjoy the entire family access, they are fully included.

Our kennel is located near the Danish order in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.

Our aim isto breedfamily-friendly and suitable for everyday use Rottweiler with strong bones, and

with typful heads.

We breed rottweiler with international bloodlines!

Our puppies grow up in the house with a family connection and are well prepared for everyday life.

Particularly large aspect we at the breeding, nutrition and hygiene, and health of our puppies bred as their socialization, embossing on other animals, children and our environment.

Since we have no more than 2 litters a year, booking early is best.


Our kennel and the name "Iron Dragon", is International protected !


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